Gabriel Martins is a Brazilian musician and songwriter, born in São Paulo, son of Vitor Martins ‐ one of the greatest songwriters of Brazil and greatest partner of Ivan Lins.

Gabriel has worked and written with great musical figures such as Ivan Lins himself, Bocato and other renowed musicians, having even songs and soundtracks utilized in soap operas and TV shows. Now he is releasing his first album called "Mergulho", showing his artistic sensitivity, a kind of nature contemplation through music.

From a very early age, he used to answer phone calls to his father from names such as Tim Maia, Leny Andrade, Fafá de Belém, Leila Pinheiro... This really made a mark on him. "I used to hear their strong voices and then saw them on TV, I didn't quite understand that, but I knew there was something magical about it...", says Gabriel Martins.


The deep "Mergulho" is a work inspired by nature. An instrumental album with elegant sonority, classy and incredibly beautiful, which brings amazing journeys, filled with upbeat feelings. Music evoking nature's poetry ‐ dive deep!
  • 1 - Planador
  • 2 - Eu, Você e as Estrelas
  • 3 - Respeite o Mar
  • 4 - Os Encantos da Lua
  • 5 - Stand Up Paddle Girl
  • 6 - As Brisas
  • 7 - Bubble Dub
  • 8 - Cheiro de Chuva
  • 9 - Despedida
  • 10 - Valsinha do Mar
  • 11 - Gratidão à Natureza
"Planador" is the track that was chosen as the first single (and videoclip) from the "Mergulho" album, from Gabriel Martins, a song that represents very well one of the diverse sonorities of the album. Song evoking nature's poetry!
  • 1 - Planador
Valsinha do Mar
This work was writen by Gabriel Martins partnering Ivan Lins, showing different generations united by sensibility and love by music. The writers present, beyond the original track (present in the "Mergulho" album), an acoustic bonus track, with a wonderful strings arrangement, which is only available in this especial single. With a selection of fabulous musicians, this work is really a gift for our ears.
  • 1 - Valsinha do Mar (feat. Ivan Lins)
  • 2 - Valsinha do Mar (Acoustic Version) (feat. Ivan Lins)



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